Overview of Navigational Road Rallies
The Road

You may have seen European and International rally races, or in the U.S., you might have seen or read about SCCA Pro Rallies. These are races against the clock with specially prepared cars over closed sections of roads called stages. This is NOT what we do.

The Road

There are several things which make navigational road rallies different from stage rallies:
1. Navigational rallies are run on OPEN, PAVED, PUBLIC roads at legal speeds.
2. The goal is not to be fastest, but to arrive EXACTLY on time, neither early nor late.
3. Any licensed and insured street legal vehicle is eligible.
4. No special equipment or licenses are required.

Monte Carlo style rallies, as done in Southern California, are derived from the transit sections of the famous Monte Carlo Rally in Europe, where, in years past, they gave you a list of times and places where checkpoints may or may not be located. Creeping (going as slowly as possible without acutally stopping) is allowed within sight of checkpoints. You will be given all your true times for all the Checkpoints before Start. (True Times are the times you're supposed to actually cross the timing hose at the Checkpoint.) These True Times will be included with Official Maps and Route Instructions detailing each leg of the rally. You'll know within a few miles on which road or roads each Checkpoint could be. You have to hunt down the Checkpoints and then creep your way in. Speeds are up to you and local law enforcement. It's kind of like a giant board game with your vehicle for a game piece, and the landscape for a game board. Everything is timed below the speed limit, etc. Traffic tickets result in Disqualification.
To learn how to do these rallyes, follow the steps below:
Step 1: Read the General Rules.
Step 2: Watch our Introductory Video.
Step 3: Look at Route Instructions and Official Maps from previous rallyes.

The Road

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